Case Study

Case Study — Alliance Inspection Management (AIM)

Overcoming Delayed Business Intelligence Implementation

Company: Alliance Inspection Management
Industry: Automotive
Company Size: 501-1,000


Founded by a group of auto industry veterans, Alliance Inspection Management (AIM) has built a healthy business supporting the automobile industry by inspecting new cars for damage after delivery from the factory as well as used cars when they come off lease. Over the years, the company has built advanced systems and custom software packages that capture mounds of data about automobiles, sources of damage, and inspector performance


AIM knew that, if presented in the right way, the data it collects could lead to huge gains in inspection efficiencies for the firm and millions of dollars in savings for its customers. AIM attempted to harness the power of its data, but after a year of trying the firm had not made the progress it had anticipated. Its first business intelligence initiative had yet to produce a single report, chart, or dashboard.


AIM thought about continuing to have its internal technology team work on moving the business intelligence initiative forward by itself. But, the firm decided that progress could be made more quickly if the firm engaged an external partner that specializes in vendor-neutral business intelligence consultation. That’s when AIM began to explore what business intelligence consultation providers could offer.


After careful consideration, AIM decided that Dataspace possessed the deep knowledge and technical execution capabilities needed to help bring its business intelligence vision to fruition. After an initial meeting, Dataspace suggested that AIM reconsider the technology foundation for its business intelligence efforts. AIM initially had chosen a BI software package offered by its database vendor. Dataspace explained that the chosen technology was overly complex for the company’s needs and suggested that the company explore a different technology path. Dataspace proposed a strategy that included the use of a modern, in-memory BI tool that would enable the company to quickly deliver the analyses AIM was anxious to receive.


Within two weeks, Dataspace completed a pilot system that delivered the results AIM management had been seeking for more than a year and offered additional functionality that exceeded the firm’s expectations. Since then, Dataspace has continued to work closely with AIM to train its IT staff, help its managers become more data driven, expand the range of data analyzed by the firm, and produce dashboards for AIM customer and business partner convenience. All of these business intelligence efforts have enabled AIM to achieve greater productivity, greater profitability, and stronger relationships.




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