Case Study

Case Study — FIS Mobile — Improving Business Intelligence in Data-rich World

Improving Business Intelligence in a Data-Rich World

Company: FIS Mobile
Industry: Online banking services
Company Size: 501-1,000


Previously known as mFoundry, FIS Mobile is the leading provider of mobile banking services to financial institutions. The division offers both a hosted and on-premises mobile banking platform that its clients use to provide mobile banking services to their customers, while also delivering state-of-the art functionality that helps level the playing field as they compete with some of the world’s financial giants.

However, in a data-saturated world, simply processing banking transactions is not enough. Today, banks need the ability to mine and leverage their data by uncovering and analyzing the intelligence that is embedded in the mass of digital banking data. Thus, FIS Mobile developed an online data warehouse to address the needs of its customers and of its own, internal users.

While the system provided great value, the FIS Mobile team felt it could do more. It was time for a review.


FIS Mobile had a team of strong technologists who thoroughly understood their technology but had very little background in the unique complexities of data warehousing. While the team had designed and built a powerful warehouse, it missed out on tools and techniques that could help the division further leverage its investment. As a result, the data warehouse experienced performance and other issues, making some of the intended users reluctant to rely too heavily on the system.

It was clear that it was time for FIS Mobile to develop its next generation data warehouse. But what was the optimal approach?


The company could have attempted a redesign on its own but, instead, took to the web to find a consulting partner to help get them off on the right foot. The company sent a request for information to a number of potential partners.


After evaluating its options, FIS Mobile chose to partner with Dataspace because of the firm’s experience in data warehouse assessment, its assessment methodology, and its responsiveness to FIS Mobile’s needs.


Dataspace partnered with FIS Mobile to assess all aspects of its data warehouse from its design and capabilities through the satisfaction of its users. The effort entailed a number of design reviews and user interviews, including interviews with some of FIS Mobile’s external customers. The result was an assessment report that highlighted user concerns and areas for improvement in the system’s design and implementation.

FIS Mobile accepted the report and moved forward with a redesign of the entire system. Dataspace was re-engaged as an advisor on the redesign effort, ensuring that the company implemented a user-focused system built on best practices. In this follow-up effort, Dataspace provided data modeling expertise as well as overall architectural insights. The recently-released system is considered an exceptional improvement over the prior release, and is built on modern architectures that include components such as the SaaS version of MicroStrategy and the ParAccel column-store database.




Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dataspace is a consulting firm with a national client base. Since its founding in 1994, the firm has focused solely and passionately on providing unparalleled expertise in data management, business intelligence, and data warehousing strategy and implementation.

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