2018 Analytics Continuum

We prepared a guide to help you decide the next move for managing your data assets.

About Dataspace

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My Job is to Reject You – an eBook from Dataspace


The single most important thing any company can do is have the right people. With the right people, everything else falls into place. Over the years Dataspace has learned a lot about how to recruit the right people. We’ve also learned some hard, expensive lessons about what not to do, a few of which we document in My Job is to Reject You, our free eBook available for download below.


This is an eBook that encapsulates our experience and provides insights into how to find and screen the kind of technical staff that makes a difference.


We’ve been in the big data and data science space for almost 25 years now and we’re going to show you how we became so good at picking and placing staff. Use it to make your recruiting efforts successful. And, of course, if you’re overtaxed, call us – we’d love to help!


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