Data Science and Big Data Consulting

Chances are, you have data sitting in systems throughout your organization that could deliver real value if harnessed in a meaningful way. That’s where business intelligence, data science, and analytics come in. BI can turn trapped data into actionable information that supports decision making, fuels insights, improves processes, provides a competitive edge, and more. But only if it’s done right.


Dataspace draws on decades of business and data science experience to help you avoid pitfalls and make the right choices throughout the entire data science process.



Business Needs-First Approach


At Dataspace, we take a business needs-first approach, so you can be assured that the end result will support your overall business goals and deliver value. Once we’ve thoroughly assessed your capabilities, your business needs, and how data science can support those needs, we provide you with the deep knowledge and winning support you need.


Dataspace offers a complete end-to-end BI suite of services that includes:


  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Planning
  • Data Warehousing Consultation
  • Data Science Implementation
  • Vendor Neutral Technology Recommendation


We’ll work with you to clearly understand your business needs, explore all of your options and provide expert recommendations that will support better decision making and more effective business processes.