IT Executive Search

IT Executive Search


IT Executive Search: Recruiting the Best IT Management Talent

When it’s time to hire IT managers, it’s critical that quickly you find the right candidates. With over 21 years in IT, Dataspace has developed relationships with a large number of impressive IT professionals and, in fact, has a strong track record helping companies recruit and hire the strongest IT talent. Thus, we now provide IT Executive Search services.

In one recent recruiting success we placed an executive vice president to lead the complete re-architecting of our client’s IT infrastructure. In another effort we recruited an executive to start and run a growing retail firm’s first project management office.

Why are we successful? Because we combine our vast network with unique screening techniques, specialized recruiting tools, and the latest in social media.

Screening by Seasoned IT Experts

More than just talent, we find the right talent. Key to our approach is a process in which candidates are recruited and screened by seasoned IT executives, not entry-level recruiters. We use our field experience to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Focus on Organization Fit and Business Value

We understand that IT success comes not from technology but from the proper application of technology to problems where it can drive business value. On top of this, we deliver prospects that match your organization and your culture. This mindset drives everything we do and everyone we recruit.

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