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Are you wondering if you could be getting more from your data warehouse and business intelligence investments? You’re not alone. In fact, over the years a number of IT, BI, and business managers have asked us that same question. Many have tapped Dataspace’s assessment services to help them get a handle on opportunities and problems and to develop plans for improvement.

In assessments we meet with business executives and IT staff to discuss what the business needs, and will need, from BI. We then contrast that with what the organization actually has at its disposal and to industry best practices. The result is a findings report and plan for moving forward.

The Assessment Process

Every organization has unique needs and every assessment must be custom tailored. In most, however, we, along with our client, work through the following steps:


  • Define assessment goals
  • Develop and distribute surveys for key business and IT leaders


  • Interview IT staff, user management, and key system users
  • Review of existing BI systems, methodologies, and capabilities


  • Analyze the facts gathered in exploration, comparing the situation to our proprietary list of industry best practices
  • Identify significant issues and themes as well as areas where things already work well
  • Develop a vision for the future state of reporting and data management
  • Further develop short and long term plans for attaining that vision


  • Develop findings report, high level execution plan, and presentation materials
  • Formally present findings to project sponsors and interested parties
  • Deliver final reports


Given the unique skills required to execute these projects, we are limited to performing a maximum of four client assessments per year.

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Jim Suchara, Vice President – IT, Amerisure Insurance

"Dataspace provided the complete package when it came to their expertise, capabilities, style, and approach in working with us.

They demonstrated vast knowledge of the BI industry and related best practices of companies like ours. Their approach was extremely professional, yet conversational and collaborative, making them very easy to work with. We were impressed by their thoroughness in seeking to understand our "as-is" state so that they could make an accurate assessment and provide us with appropriate recommendations.

Dataspace demonstrated a genuine interest in helping us improve our overall data warehousing and BI capabilities. Their deliverables were easily understandable across a broad spectrum of audiences, from our IT staffers to our business customers. Their recommendations consistently reflected a pragmatic approach which left us with the confidence that we could deliver on them.

We would certainly recommend that any organization looking to improve their data warehouse and BI capabilities from a strategic or operational perspective consider Dataspace, Our CIO and I agree that we received a tremendous value for our investment."

Jim Suchara Vice President - IT, Amerisure Insurance September 11, 2014

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