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Industries Served

Our BI Experience Is Both Wide and Deep

Dataspace provides business intelligence and data warehousing services to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Below are a few of the major industries we have served:


Given the fiercely competitive nature of an industry working to balance demand in new markets with overcapacity in others, effective use of information is vital to success. Dataspace has served automotive clients for more than 20 years, giving them access to information in forms that support the long term goals and needs of these massive corporations. We have successfully tackled a range of challenges for automotive clients, including: Preemptive Warranty Analysis and Cost Reduction; Master Data Consolidation; Telematics Subscriber Tracking and Customer Retention; and Legal Department Case Management.

Representative Clients: Ford, General Motors, Nissan North America, Volkswagen of America


There is no area in a successful insurance company that isn’t built on data. In fact, insurance is among the most data dependent of industries. Success in insurance demands success in insurance data management. In the insurance realm, our efforts have ranged from assessing data management needs to helping develop business intelligence applications that evaluate agent performance. Click here for more information about the services we provide insurers.

Representative Clients: AIG, Americo, Amerisure, Blue Care Network, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Michigan, Kansas City), Capitol Indemnity, CNA, CNA Surety, Jewelers Mutual, FinCor, Foremost, Liberty Mutual, Safeco


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in America today. Success in healthcare depends on providing effective customer care while effectively and efficiently controlling costs. Over the years, Dataspace has worked with a number of healthcare providers to develop advanced business intelligence systems. While they span a range of business functions, many of these systems focus on cost management. Each day, business intelligence systems help hospital managers glean insights into the true costs of providing care, as well as the factors that drive length of stay.

Representative Clients: The Detroit Medical Center (DMC), New York Presbyterian Hospital


The pharmaceutical industry has many unique challenges when it comes to data management. Regulations such as those set forth by the FDA may drive the need for business intelligence, while others like the HIPAA privacy rules can make it difficult to share the data needed to ensure compliance and accomplish goals. Dataspace understands the nature of the ever-evolving regulatory environment pharmaceutical companies typically face. We work with them closely to ensure that business intelligence initiatives meet their compliance needs and drive better decision making throughout their organizations. In some cases we have provided hosted, HIPAA-compliant BI systems that allow pharmaceutical companies, drug distributors, and physicians to share critical data to improve business efficiencies while also improving patient outcomes.

Representative Clients: Baxter, Grifols, Pfizer, Pharmacia

Other Industries

While Dataspace has a strong focus in certain industries, we also have experience successfully providing business intelligence consultation and implementation services within many others. Our deep understanding of BI best practices and thorough approach to fleshing out the real problems companies need to solve with BI enables us to help all kinds of organizations achieve their BI goals.

Representative Clients: Alliance Inspection Management, Bank of America, Caterpillar, The Federal Reserve Bank, FIS, Gordon Food Service, Morgan Stanley, Oakland County (MI), OnStar, Playboy, RL Polk, Washtenaw County (MI)

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